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Napster Premium 2007

Napster Premium Napster Premium 2007

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Napster Premium Editor's Review

Become a Member of the Napster community and get access to over 1.5 million tacks. You get access to 50 years of complete Billboard Charts organized by chart, year and session; "Indie labels" or "Just added" are another two categories which allow you to browse thousand of tracks. There are 19 categories of music and lots of subcategories you can choose from. Select a CD Compilation handpicked by Napster's music experts and listen to the track or burn them on a disk. The extensive music library hosted by Napster allows you to get information about all genres of music, artists' biographies and influences, plus you can get music recommendations regarding pretty much anything related to music. Being a member of the Napster community allows you to connect to other members and access their playlists. You can also enjoy accessing your Napster Membership from up to three PCs. After registration, all you need to do is access your account and copy your music libraries, so that you can enjoy listening to music at home, at work or on your laptop. In case you search for music, you can search by artist, album, track, member, library.
You can load all you music into Napster. Napster provides you with all the tools necessary to manage your entire music collection. You can play CDs, MP3s, listen to radio stations, rip CDs into your Napster Library and burn CD with the aid of the inbuilt burner. You can download your Napster Mobile tracks, transfer track to your phone or other portable device. You can create playlists, create custom mixed CD, import MP3s.
The interface is very well design and intuitive; includes lots of tips regarding any operation you might want to perform. There is an option for the detection of Napster compatible players and a comprehensive tutorial is included for those of you who are new in the Napster experience. The player is detachable for space saving.


Drawbacks / flaws: When registering, Napster does not check for the region you live in and, unfortunately the full Napster service is not available worldwide. For example, listening to radio stations is not available in all Eastern European countries.

In conclusion: Access to a world of music, but read carefully the registration instructions because you do not want to be charged for your negligence or haste.

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Napster Premium Publisher's Description

Napster, the biggest brand in digital music, is a subscription service that enables fans to freely sample the world?s largest and most diverse online collection of music and move an unlimited amount of songs to compatible MP3 players. Napster ( members have access to songs from all major labels and hundreds of independents and have more...

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